After graduating with a degree in environmental literature, Blake Everson set forth with a plan to explore the world’s less-traveled regions in pursuit of adventure and understanding. It didn’t take long for his itinerary to include the island nation of Papua New Guinea, which, as it turns out was exactly where he had been meant to go. Over ten years has passed and Blake now leads custom, small-group cultural immersion expeditions into some of the most remote areas of Papua New Guinea. Working closely with tribes to develop itineraries that highlight the traditional knowledge of indigenous societies, he has witnessed a revival of cultural pride that has helped compel communities to resist the menacing advance of industry. When not out eating insects with the Kosua tribe of Mt. Bosavi, Blake works to educate tour companies and adventure seekers how culturally immersive collaborations with indigenous societies can help protect cultural diversity worldwide.

BLAKE's Projects


    • Origin Papua New Guinea brings tourists to the island to experience authentic cultural immersion. The promotion of tourism in such isolated areas is known to be controversial. The decision of Origin Papua New Guinea to bring travelers from the developed world to experience traditional tribal culture was a difficult one. Only after lengthy and repeat discussions with village elders, chiefs and village citizens of the three Upper Kosua villages, was a mutually agreed upon immersive tourist program developed. It was decided that conscientious tourists would actually galvanize the cultural identity, strengthen environmental stewardship of the surrounding jungle, and provide a sustainable income for communities who have, so far, resisted the vexing voice of modern development.