Hayley developed a passion for rivers as a whitewater kayaker at the age of sixteen. Kayaking in three continents exposed her to the crushing realities of mega-hydroelectric projects and their impacts on people and ecosystems. Inspired by the communities along Chile’s Maipo River, who campaigned against the Alto Maipo Hydroelectric Project, Hayley pursued studies in Environmental Science, Spanish and Anthropology at the University of Denver. In November 2016 she completed a dual major in Environmental Science and Spanish. Her thesis focused on the impact of social and environmental campaigns on Chile’s hydro-development. Hayley has worked throughout Latin America with Quechua, Aymara, and Mapuche communities and environmental campaign leaders to address and document the threats posed by mega-dams in an increasingly globalized world. Using film to create awareness, her videos are currently used in graduate and undergraduate Environmental Science classes at Denver University.