Nate is a conceptual artist; A person who devotes his energy to ideas rather than a single skill or material. He prides himself on the notion that quality is backbone of our lives. He’s a former multi-discipline member of the US Snowboard Team, X-Games alumni, a father, a mountaineer, and an Engineer/EMT for the Sun Valley Fire Department. He’s cast himself around the world for a variety of reasons and for a variety of disciplines, but calls Ketchum, Idaho home. Carrying a degree from the University of Puget Sound, he’s aiming for empowerment through knowledge and self-reliance.

NATE's Projects

“Galpin founded his studio seven years ago, it was predicated on the concept of human-as-isotope, the notion that we are all made of the same infrastructure, the same elements, the same connective tissue, but that even in repetition, there is variance. Here, where the only rules of the game are the laws that govern science, channeling what’s inherently given is vital. ‘A conceptual artist needs to pay attention to the idea, not the process,” he explained. “You have to learn to be an organism and grab at the best pieces. Extract what’s best and then step aside. Once you’ve done the work, you have to get out of the way.'” Read more about Nate in Sun Valley Magazine