out in front

A podcast taking you into the frontlines of the fight for human health on an ailing planet.

The planet is sick, and from our perspective on the healthcare frontlines we, as a species, are struggling to live with it. Join emergency physician and wilderness medicine educator, Terry O’Connor, for timely insights with the very caregivers who are implementing hands-on solutions to the threats of our rapidly changing world. If you’re curious about your health and our world let us sharpen your perception with stories from our every day reality out in front.

season one: covid corps

COVID Corps Human stories from the healthcare frontlines of a pandemic. Out in Front: COVID Corps is a new podcast that shares the immediate, powerful stories of healthcare workers confronting the health crisis of the century. Hosted by emergency physician Dr. Terry O’Connor, who is just now emerging from his region’s first COVID wave, COVID Corps is a place for frontline healthcare workers to vent, grieve, and celebrate. Their stories capture both the specificity and enormity of what clinicians across the U.S. are experiencing.